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TestimonialsSee what our students say about our Training Schools

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Dear Ben & Lyn. A big thank you for your time, hospitality, knowledge – I can’t wait to get started. Keep doing what you’re doing because you do it well."

What a wonderfully inspirational experience these past two days, to have an intimate teaching programme with a very passionate and highly experienced tutor. It was great to meet and work with the other people in the group. Thanks to Lyn and Ben for such terrific hospitality."

Dear Ben & Lyn. Thank you for letting me do the sheepdog school. I have lernt (sic) so much. I have got so much braver with the sheep and thank you for answering all my questions. You have helped me so much!"

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Ben & Lyn. You have demonstrated how easy and controlled handling livestock with dogs can be. All stock handlers should do a training school similar to this. Most stock owners make work too hard therefore less enjoyable."

To Ben & Lyn. This has been an intense education and I’m looking forward to putting this newfound knowledge into practice. Thank you so much for the education and excellent hospitality. This group has been really good to learn with. I will endeavour to keep the whistle to myself and keep my wife OUT of the sheepyards."

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I was enthralled from start to finish. Can’t wait to maybe get a good dog and get on with it all. Thanks so much for everything."

Thanks for the wonderful training course. It was very educational and challenging."

Excellent presentation. You can teach an “Old Dog” new tricks!"

Thanks for having the faith in an old lady and an old dog."

A life changing two days – putting the past in context and offering a pathway to a future which needed Ben’s key to open – thanks Lyn for your back-up."

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Thanks for a truly great weekend. Many new things learned and many things to unlearn. Wonderful company."

Ben and Lyn. Thankyou very much for a very informative, learning weekend. Learnt heaps and I am taking much experience with me to work with in the future. I can see we will be communicating often in the future. Thanks!"

The light has been switched on !! A great course and I now have the direction I needed."

Thankyou for encouraging me to come, it was fantastic to learn so much. Will be back in future to look at purchasing a Border Collie from you – (if I can earn one!). Thank you again."

Sensational Ben. Haven’t learn’t that much for ages. Can’t wait to put it all into action. I’ll take good care of little Ella, don’t worry. Lyn – cheers for the great food and hospitality. Catch you soon. Thanks."

Thanks very much Ben. Very educational but also very entertaining presentation as well. Had a great weekend overall and looking forward to working with a great dog one day. Thanks for the hospitality Lyn."

Thanks for a great weekend. Really enjoyable. Great explanations, made it seem so simple, just have to sort it out and put it into practice one day. Thanks again!"

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Awesome!!! I now have a much better understanding of man’s best friend. Not enough time with you but you’re only a phone call away. PS. Don’t lose ya phone."

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I think it was a wonderful experience and I would definitely come back and recommend it to more of my family. I loved it all and I will be back. Thanks a lot!!"

“Thank you very much for a most interesting and informative course. I learn’t a great deal more than I expected to and thank you very much for your hospitality and opening up your home to a bunch of strangers”."

Rugby and I are confident of scoring the first of many tries! Cheers."

Thanks for the wonderful training course. It was very educational and challenging."

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Thank you so much for a fantastic course. Great teaching methodology that enables all different types of learners to understand the concepts. And most importantly clear and systematic instructions for working with your dog. A wonderful course. F (Retired School Principal)"

A must for anyone starting out wanting to work stock. The perfect grounding so not to make major mistakes. Skills that you will have for a lifetime. Thank you for passing on these nearly lost skills."

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Thank you for a great weekend. The knowledge and experience will be invaluable. All farmers should have to attend. We could only recommend it and will be doing so."

Fantastic course Ben, you really take such a simple approach that makes it seem achievable. Am so glad I attended."

I’ve been immersed in a world of wisdom. Brilliant. Thank you."

It has been an incredible weekend, thank you! I’ve seen working dogs in action when I was very young. It has been wonderful to begin to learn the science behind working dogs. It’s wonderful to learn form someone who loves his dogs with such a passion."

Thank you for a very informative and thought provoking course. I can now understand our dog back home. He was right and we were wrong!"

The one thing I have learned from this course is to think like a dog, not as a human. My dog has and will always be my best friend and I have always treated them with respect, love and most importantly, trust. But I can now understand how they respond and think to a simpler discipline. Thank goodness I came, it’s been well worth the effort. When you get a dog it’s probably the only time in your life you get to choose a relative. Think carefully and it may be the best decision in your life. Mine was."

Ben, thank you. I should have done a course like this 15 years ago. Now I will have dogs that will do what I want instead of what he wants. Fantastic."

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If you want to learn to save money and stress on yourself, Ben’s natural and systematic methods show you how and it’s so rewarding seeing the results. Thanks Ben."

Glad I made the effort, well worth coming. Really opened my eyes to what can be achieved with a little patience and time."

Thank you so much for everything. Times are changing and it’s my generation that’s changing on the farm. I have learnt so much this weekend. My brain is full of information in which I need to go away, process and put into practice."

Fantastic opportunity to learn from someone so passionate and skilled at working with heading dogs. Thank you heaps."

I have thoroughly enjoyed the tuition, the company, the dogs, but most of all the incredible knowledge base of Ben’s, thank you."

A life-changing two days – putting the past in context and offering a pathway to a future which needed Ben’s key to open."

Thanks for a truly great weekend – many new things learned and many things to unlearn. Wonderful company."

Very entertaining, often wondered why my husband made me go through the gate first."

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There’s only one problem with this – I should have been here 50 years ago!"

One of the most interesting and informative tours I have ever had in the world, from a global traveller. Congratulations."

Mitupela hamamas tru long harim stori bilong yu. Yu gat planti savvi ne mipela lainim planti tumus! (Student from New Guinea)

Maein defard yr em fith ae y maen’t youg nghymryu. Student from North Wales!"

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The Working Dog Centre breeds Australian Working Kelpies and Australian Working Border Collies to the highest standard possible, from proven bloodlines with extensive pedigrees going back at least 10 generations, and are used on sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, ducks, poultry and in sheepdog trials.