WA — Working Dog Training Schools

Working Dog Training Schools are taught in three levels:
  • The Fundamentals
  • The Intermediate
  • The Advanced
Courses include:
  • Choosing The Right Pup
  • Leadership Rules Of The Dog Pack
  • How A Herding Dog Thinks
  • How To Become The Leader
  • Using "Silent" Commands
  • Correct Housing And Care
  • The Training Aids You'll Need
  • The Secrets Of Recalling Your Dog
  • Bringing Out The Instinct In Your Dog
  • Evening Module which may include Video Assessment and Analysis
  • Natural Balance Techniques
  • Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Lead - The Easy Way
  • The Secret Of Teaching The "Stop"
  • Teaching The "Left" And "Right" Commands
  • Low Stress Stock Control
  • How to use whistle tones
  • The Easy Method To Teach Your Dog To Cast
  • How To Teach Your Dog To Back Correctly
  • How To Teach Your Dog To Bark On Command
Each level must be attained before moving onto the next level. All levels are taught in modules, and every student leaves the Working Dog Training School (WDTS) with a full set of notes and, even more importantly, a step-by-step program to continue their training at home.
Specialist Mentoring
It is also worth noting that there is an additional WDTS Specialist Mentoring level, through which students who have successfully achieved the Advanced level, can apply for the Mentoring intake. Based on a combination of achievement, competitiveness, personal discipline and high drive, Ben will select applicants and personally mentor them to reach the highest level of dog trialling. There are only 2 to 4 applicants selected each year.

Ben Page's Natural Methodâ„¢

All courses taught by the Working Dog Centre are based on Ben Page's Natural Method™. In short, the method he uses is based on everything a dog does naturally, and this then transgresses into how you work and move stock with no noise, no shouting, no stress. He calls it “soft stock handling” and he has been using soft stock handling since the late 1960s. Lately someone has come up with the buzz word of “low stress stock handling”…no difference.

He doesn’t use aggression, loud noise, or forces dogs to do skills that are not natural behaviour patterns.

His secret is in the way he understands what they convey to him and the signals he returns to them. Some people have referred to it as a gift.
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The Quiet Man
The media has branded him the “Working Dog Whisperer”. Not because of some American Hollywood tag but because it is almost impossible to hear him when he is working with his dogs. There doesn’t appear to any hurry. Everything is calm and almost silent. He almost looks like he is whispering. But that is only part of the Quiet Man.
The Ability to Teach
His ability with dogs is also combined with the uncanny ability to teach, and that is a rare combination indeed. Undoubtedly there are quite a few good dog trainers around, but the ability to impart the knowledge is rare indeed. His courses are fun, full of knowledge, challenging and inspiring and leave every student with the I-want-to-learn-more ache in their stomach. Here are some recent student testimonials:
“I have learned more during this course about training sheep dogs than I have learnt in the last 60 years.” D.B. April 2016
"Thank you so much for the insight into the Working Dog. My life will never be the same."
"Thank you so much for a fantastic course. Great teaching methodology, and most importantly clear and systematic instructions for working with your dog. A wonderful course."
"I have been a professional educator at the tertiary level for over 45 years. My involvements have been in 5 continents and over 40 different countries. I have never seen such a well run course with such tangible benefits and excellence at the practical level." P. H. (Dr)
I did the Fundamentals school at Muresk with my working dogs back in April, so anyone with any questions about the course is welcome to contact me. It was a brilliant course and useful for people with any level of dog.  Bec 0488 244 009
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The Muresk Institute

The Muresk Institute with all its wonderful facilities will be hosting the Working Dog Centre and will accommodate and cater for all students attending courses conducted by the Working Dog Centre.

Muresk Institute is an education and training facility situated in the Wheatbelt (approximately 100km east of Perth). Muresk Institute is dedicated to building the capacity of the State’s regional communities and industries with a particular focus on agriculture and agribusiness. The Institute boasts modern education, training and conference facilities.

Muresk has a wide selection of accommodation, including cottages with self-catering, refurbished single room accommodation with shared bathrooms and lounges, dining room and full laundry facilities. The campus offers a range of recreational facilities including: swimming pool, gymnasium, table tennis and billiards and BBQ facilities. Muresk operates a 998 hectare working farm which is home to 2000 Merino and Dohne sheep, 60 Murray Grey cattle and a 350 ha cropping program. The Muresk campus and farm provide a wonderful setting for the Working Dog Training Schools.

Muresk was established in 1926 as an agricultural education hub focused on animal husbandry, broadacre cropping and agribusiness. Muresk is now an award-winning tertiary education facility, hosting international events and establishing undergraduate and post graduate degree courses. It currently facilitates research and development, vocational education and training as well as tertiary education in many agriculturally orientated fields including:
  • Vocational training from Certificates 1 to the Diploma
  • Diploma of Agriculture (Academic Program in Agricultural Technologies), delivered by University of Queensland.
  • Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management
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WA Courses for 2017


10th - 12th


21st — 23rd



How to Enrol

When you are ready to enrol, click on the Enrol Now button - fill out the Contact Form and send it to us. You will be contacted within 24 hours.
  • Course cost is $750.00 per student.
  • Payment is by Bank Transfer.
Course limits are:
  • Intermediate = 12 students.
  • Fundamentals = 18 students.
Are you ready to enrol?
Click the button to start the process. Remember, Working Dog Training Schools have a limited number of students per course… so be quick!
IMPORTANT: Before booking please read our Refund Policy.
Further Information
For more information about the Working Dog Training Schools, contact Ben Page on 0427 179 945.
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The Working Dog Centre breeds Australian Working Kelpies and Australian Working Border Collies to the highest standard possible, from proven bloodlines with extensive pedigrees going back at least 10 generations, and are used on sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, ducks, poultry and in sheepdog trials.