Buying A Page DogExcellence in Breeding and Training

We produce the highest quality herding dogs to be used on sheep, cattle, goats, ducks or any other type of stock. We only breed from top bitches and sires, and our bitches only have one litter per year, if that.

Nearly all our clients order their dogs well before they are born and we will supply either a pup or a started dog from breeding that will suit their needs.

Naturally this requires a waiting period and we feel quite comfortable supplying our dogs to people who genuinely want to own a dog bred by us.

Our dogs are worked on cattle properties in the Northern Territory, sheep stations in New South Wales, cattle and sheep stations in Victoria, large stations and Merino Sheep studs in South Australia, dairy farms on the southern tip of South Australia and numerous mixed farming properties in hot, cold and remote areas.

Many of our owners use their everyday working dogs in dog trials with great success.

Our dogs are bred for calmness, natural ability and strength. They are all-round workers both in the paddock and the yards. We commence training of our dogs from birth – they are handled, humanised, learn recall from a very early age.

Many people have the impression that working dogs, in particular Kelpies, are excitable and bark a heck of a lot. They even think that Kelpies are for yard work only, and Border Collies are for paddock work. Truth is that a well-bred dog will only bark when necessary. Generally when he is asked to.

Our dogs are breed dogs for calmness, natural ability and strength and are bred and trained to be not only good, reliable workers, but great mates too. Many of our clients have a close relationship with their Page dog, and will have them with them throughout the day.

If you pick the right dog, you should be able to work yards and paddock, with the same dog. That is, a utility dog.

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If you are interested in owning a pup or started dog we will be only too happy to do everything we can to help. We'll have a chat about your special needs and how you envisage using your working dog.

Please note that South Australia is GMT +10.5hrs. If you need to leave a message, please clearly state your country and your full telephone number.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Preferred Client Status

  1. Preferred Client status is obtained by attending and passing our intensive 2-day Working Dog Handling and Training School.
  2. Upon succesful completion of the course, our clients are able to recognise the learning stage of their dog and continue their training and care.
  3. If you wish to enrol on the next Working Dog Handling and Training School click here.
  4. Our dogs are in demand and, as we are not a "Puppy Factory" and breed to improve, our clients place themselves on the waiting list. If you have "Preferred Client" status please contact us.

Working Definitions

Different terms are commonly used to describe the status of pups and dogs. To enable you to have a greater understanding of those terms, the most common ones are listed here. (These definitions are a guide only and clients must use their own judgment.)

  1. Some training on a lead.
  2. Keenness to work will override obedience.
  3. Follows or rides on a motor bike or vehicle.
  4. Interested in stock and going around them in an enclosed area.
  5. Works according to natural ability.
  6. Handler needs to be on foot.
  7. Short practice sessions.
  8. Will need time to bond to new handler. At least 6 weeks.

Well Started
  1. May be unsettled in strange places.
  2. Confident on a small mob.
  3. May not handle a big mob.
  4. Makes a few mistakes.
  5. Reasonably obedient depending on level of pressure.
  6. May need a while to settle when working.
  7. Brings small mobs of stock to the handler in easy situations.
  8. Needs firm hand, good training and encouragement.
  9. Needs time to bond with new handler. At least 6 weeks.

  1. Mature in appearance.
  2. May be unsettled in strange places.
  3. Shows confidence in approach to stock it is used to working, in appropriate working conditions.
    Eg. If a  paddock dog – in a paddock. If a yard dog – in yards.
  4. Acceptable level of obedience.
  5. Keenness to work. Nature will depend on genetic make-up.
  6. Yard dogs: Keen to force when required.
  7. Needs time to bond with new handler. At least 6 weeks.

We consider that the ownership of a well bred working dog is not to be taken lightly. Owners have a responsibility to train and care for this wonderful animal for many, for your peace of mind, your "Page Dog" comes with:

  1. A full Pedigree
  2. Breeder and dog identification tattoo
  3. All Kelpies are registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.
  4. All Border Collies can be registered with the SAWSDA. 
  5. All pups are guaranteed.

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The Working Dog Centre breeds Australian Working Kelpies and Australian Working Border Collies to the highest standard possible, from proven bloodlines with extensive pedigrees going back at least 10 generations, and are used on sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, ducks, poultry and in sheepdog trials.